Craig and Ashley | Craig Manning | Ashley Kerwin

I Saw Her Standing There - As Joey and Caitlin's wedding approaches, tension resumes and sparks fly between Craig and Ashley. complete

Nowhere to Run - Jimash's marriage is on the rocks, especially when Craig comes into the picture. complete

I Hear A Symphony - CrAsh hits Europe. From flamenco to balloon rides, from the city of Lights to the sinking city, it's truly a Roman holiday for the formally angsty duo. Dedicated to the AAs. author is active

Summer Stars - CrAsh oneshot in honor of a friend's bday. One night, one birthday, one bittersweet encounter. complete

This Is It - Ashley is back and she and Craig decide to become friends again, but will it stay that way? complete

The Mixed Tape - Craig and Ashley reflect on their on again, off again relationship

Learning to Breathe - Ashley returns from England with a secret.

The Best Laid Plans - A glimpse into the future life of Ashley and Craig. complete

Empty Apartment - About London, Craig and Ashley, and a city that tears things apart but can also bring things together. complete

More Things Change - They're back. They may not be together, but so what? More things change

Lovesong - It’s Craig and Ashley’s wedding day and as a present, Ashley sings “Lovesong” to him. They reflect back on how they got here. Oneshot for the Angsty Artists 100th thread celebration. complete

Rings, Rainy Days, and Valentines - Craig finally asks those four little words to Ashley. complete

The Crash- When Craig gets in a car accident he finds that he has hit Ashley. One of his worst fears comes true; Ashley is in a coma.

Bad Decisions - For Craig and Ashley, everything was going well...until something tears them apart, something that Ashley can't deal with.

Craig's Pain - What if Craig had never let anyone know about the torment he lived through?

Let Her Cry - Craig comforts Ashley on picture day. S2 post Karma Chameleon.

Crash Into Me - After their dance in the Year End Luau, Craig and Ashley walk home with each other, revealing their true feelings.

To The End - How many things can possibly go wrong while planning a wedding? Craig and Ashley are about to find out.

All That I've Got - Craig moved to England a few years after Ashley left. Now they are both twenty and reunite. Will sparks fly or burn out forever? There will be complication, of course. But what? Read and find out. complete

Changes Aren't Always For The Better - She looked into the mirror with despair on her face. It was then she realized that he had truly broken her. Chapter 6 will be up soon. For those of you who don't know it yet, this is a total CraigAsh fic.

Ashley's First Time - A short fic describing what could have happen when Ashley and Craig had sex for the first time. Nothing special, just my thoughts. Spoilers from Voices Carry part 1 included. BTW, I don't own anything Degrassi. Please review.( one shot ) complete

All I Ask Of You - AU. Craig's renrolled at Degrassi, just in time to auditon for the fall musical, the Phantom of the Opera. But when he and Ashley collide again, new but famliar problems resurface between them, but also with their current relationships. complete

Sometimes - Sometimes I look in the mirror and I don't recognize myself. [oneshot. prologue of sorts to upcoming story. JimAsh, hint of CrAsh] complete

Powdered Sugar and Toronto Snowflakes - Craig's still in rehab, and receives an unexpected visitor bearing baked goods. Sequel to Sometimes. complete

All Things That Crash Are Complicated - Craig and Ashley story. Over a summer filled with complications Ashley and Craig try to find their way back to the only pleasant complications in their lives.

In Your Eyes - But whichever way I go, I come back to the place you are. Ashley/Craig. Craig gets a little inspiration from Lloyd Dobler. complete

Untitled - After the end year dance, Craig reflects on his relationship with his father and Joey and what it means to be a father. complete

Behind The Scenes - Oreos, high school crushes, homework, and angst. What happened while Craig and Ashley rehearsed for The Taming of the Shrew? What might have happened offscreen in Season 2's Dressed in Black as Jimash reaches it's end and Crash reaches its beginning. complete

Voices Carried - Craig's guilt and his thoughts after the events of Voices Carry/Blue Monday. author is currently active

Like Magic - Ashley says yes to Craig's proposal at the bar, and things take a different path. author is currently active

The Color Of Smoke - Ashley and Craig struggle with his inability to say he loves her, season three, one shot. author is currently active.

Light In Her Darkness - Ashley thinks about Craig after the breakup in season 3. author is currently active

Making It Big - Second person story of Craig after his Cd comes out. This is going to be Crash, major Crash. author is currently active

Will Tomorrow Ever Come - FutureFic. Craig and Ashley are in their 30's and trying to make their relationship work. author is currently active

Demons - Craig starts doing coke again after Ashley joins him and the band, he relapses. author is currently active

Grandiose Delusions - it's a twist on the episode where Ashley goes to Europe, maybe more of it was in Craig's head than everyone thought. author is currently active

It's Not All That Easy - Craig thinking about Ashley on the day she tells him they should go on a break, season 3. His thoughts on why he can't just tell her he loves her. author is currently active

Love Lift Me - Craig and Ashley are 28 and finally engaged. But as they try to start a family, a lot of trouble comes up, and who knows if they can handle it. CrAsh fic to the maximum. author is currently active

Through Thick and Thin - A look inside CrAsh's troubled marriage. Sellie included. author is currently active

Every Little Thing - Now that Craig's a rockstar everyone is impressed...except Ashley. Unfortunately she's the only that can save his career. Fortunately he's the only one that can save her from her deepest and darkest secret. Some Sparcy and Sellie as well. author is currently active

Being Weird - Ashley attempts to become friends with Craig again in the beginning of 11th grade, season 4. Ashley POV. author is currently active

Mayhem - Toby narrates the tale of Craig and Ashley getting together in season 4 but there will be significant changes from what happened in the show. Dramatic, traumatic changes. Angst at a distance. author is currently active

Telling Ashley - Craig tells Ashley about the abuse from his father, set after the road trip episode. Craig point of view. author is currently active.

Beyond Words - Ashley has a different reaction when Craig doesn't say he loves her in her bedroom when she says it to him. author is currently active.

Satefy Net - Craig and Ashley, season three. author is currently active

I Want It To Be Him - Ashley dealing with Craig's difficulty in expressing his feelings. author is currently active

Beyond The Mini - Craig and Ashley married and up on the Degrassi stage, but it goes into Craig's fluid thoughts about the past and future and the marriage and all of that. It's like an in-depth mini. author is currently active

Paper Thin - Ashley's perceptions in the days when Craig is first diagnosed bipolar. author is currently active

Rock Scars - We were rock stars. On tour with Craig, angsty Ashley drabble. author is currently active

She Is The Ash - Craig’s debut album has been out for months, and Ashley’s never really listened to its songs. What she does hear comes as less of a shock, but more as a pleasant surprise. CrAsh; fills in the blanks between the end of “Live To Tell” and “Bust a Move."author is currently active