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Authors that are currently active that have an interest in writing fiction that is Craig-centric:

Axl's Wife has authored stories such as
No Rules - A story about Craig when he runs away and is staying on the streets in Toronto, some pre-slash stuff maybe. Sort of.
A Bit of a Wreck - Craig's thoughts on his life in the begining of ninth grade.
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Blue Zombie has authored stories such as
Lucky - Craig's 21 and retraumatized on the road with his band, bringing about all the memories of the things he wanted so badly to forget.
Something Brutal - This is just a little ficlet about Leo, Craig's never to be trusted manager, and his exploitation of Craig.
Torn Away - Season 2. Hints of darker and more severe abuse regarding Craig and Albert.
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Eve Davidson has authored stories such as
There Are No Accidents - Emma notices the bruises on Craig and forces a call to Children's Aid, and this changes things. It's no longer such a direct route for Craig to live with Joey.
Crumbling - It seems to me that after Craig ends up in that shelter after running away when Ashley goes to England, it seems that he would go to a mental hospital. This is what happens if he did.
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gloryblastit has authored stories such as
Teflon Man - Craig always pretended that things were okay, but with his new drug addiction derailing his music career, it's time for him to face the demons.
Safe and Sound - Angela has a hard time coping as Craig falls apart... Angela's 20.
Crazy Taxi - Craig's dad didn't die in season 2, and he had to move back in with him. The reactions of all involved if Craig had ended up back at his dad's.
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George McFly has authored stories such as
Sound of Running Water - What happens after Craig beats up Joey.
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Gypsy Love has authored stories such as
At The Cemetery - Instead of Joey finding Craig at the cemetery, it's Albert.
Soul Crushing - Craig is in 10th grade and still living with his father, the changes that may have taken place in Craig's personality and behavior if he never moved in with Joey.
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Kaleidocat has authored stories such as
What Was Left Unsaid - Craig-centric. Craig Manning rewritten starting with When Doves Cry. Because recovering from abuse takes more than a season. Tons of Joey interaction with a splash of Crash.
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Pinkie Tuscadaro has authored stories such as
Eighth Grade - A chronicle of Craig's year in 8th grade, the year when things went from bad to worse with his father and there was no way out.
50 Minute Hour - Craig goes to see a therapist becasue Joey makes him do it, and things come up. Season 2.
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Sybil Seether has authored stories such as
Noticing The Signs - Joey's therapy sessions dealing with his continuing grief over Julia and his worry over Craig.
Desperate Edginess - Craig runs away at the start of ninth grade but this time finds a mother-figure. Just an exploration of this type of relationship instead of the typical father-figure Joey stories.
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Wednesday Fear has authored stories such as
When Things Are Good - A story about Craig and the abuse.
Full Inheritance - This is a story about Craig starting at the start of grade 11 and then going on to some point in the future. I like how that season started with Joey saying he'd get his "full inheritance" and it seemed to have more meaning than just money.
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I've noticed that these fan fiction authors frequently update their current stories or are most likely to write new stories about Craig. Keep updated on them if you enjoy reading about Mr. Manning.

Other stories:
Father Figure - Craig and Joey clear the air on their relationship. Just a OneShot set before Weddings, Parties, Anything. complete

Not Myself - Craig reaches his breaking point, and ends up headlong in a place he never wanted to be, and never knew he needed. complete

Precious Things - Sequel to "Not Myself", Six years after his time in the ward, Craig learns more about himself and his illness thanks to an old friend.

Sorry - Craig's reaction right after the events in 'Voices Carry.' complete

Time Wounds All Heels - Craig's parents' and stepdad's history along with other players. Ch 6 here. complete

No Accidents - Did someone confront Craig's dad about unfinished business on that fateful ride from the restaurant?

Glory Fades - His life was falling apart at the seams, but he couldn't be bothered to care. [threepart, Craig introspective]

Rocks and Feathers - Craig Manning before he came to degrassi and after. familiar yet unfamiliar plot.

State of Confusion - It only made sense to hate him, but in reality Craig never stopped caring... [One-shot] complete

The Formula - What exactly makes up Craig Manning? The pieces, the parts, the girls. [OneShot] Character Study, for a ficathon at DB. complete

We Believe - Story based on the beginning of the song We Believe, not a songfic. It's AU. Julia is alive, and on Joey's birthday, Craig's father doesn't drop him off to see her. The next morning...

Just Shoot Me - When Craig takes a summer photography course, he gets more then he bargained for...a romance with the teacher. complete

When Doves Cry Reprise - This is what would happen if Craig hadn't been found in the cemetery.

Man In The Mirror - A basketball game becomes a bet for affections. (Craig & Sean friendship)

Shattered - A collection of Craig Manning fan fiction prompts.